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Gia: Dominion Synergy of Mount Bethel

Gia 2 day 1.jpg

Gia is a good natured, calm, sweet girl. She has had puppies who do service work, obedience, tracking, nose work, and truffle hunting. She also has become famous in Essence Magazine.

Gia in Essence

Essence cover.jpg

Gia was in Essence Magazine August 2014. Our first lady was on the cover.

Gia and Tika Sumpter

Gia Tika Essence.jpg

Gia walking in Central Park with Tika Sumpter (actress/model) for Essence magazine.

Gia in Essence

Gia Essence.jpg

Gia with Tika Sumpter again in Central park for Essence Magazine.


Dominion Synergy of Mount Bethel (red) Elegant Valentino Of Dominion (red) Leke Flamin Kokopelli Dancer (red) Motif\'s Chariots Of Fire
Leke Grass Dancer
Elegant The Year Of Jubilee (red) Highland\'s Red Royal Regal
Titian Elegant I Love Lucy
Loucy Roberge (red) Escape To Paradise Thomas Jay (red) Strawberry Fields Forever Red
Kalee O\'Shannon (black)
Wendy Moira Angela Darling (red) Teelhaven\'s Firedancer (red)
Sweet Sugar Britches (apricot)
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Please cling blue letters to be linked to Gia's health testing results:  Gia's Health Testing